A belated thank you for everyone who came to see me at the Malvern Show,
I hope you  enjoyed the quilts and some of the new products.
There are a few updates:

I will now be at The London Knitting and Stitching Show , a hugely enjoyable show at Alexandra Palace ,October 11th – 14th,
But first of course is the Festival of Quilts, at the N.E.C  I have moved to a larger stand , D25, so I am already making bundles and there will be some extras.

Pictured is the quilt I made last week end, its inspired by one I bought from the American dealer who was at the Festival of Quilts a few years ago,  I am quilting it in a slightly different way, see the next image, it is my intention to have if finished by August.    I am planning to call it Old American, its  “sort of red white and blue” but dull with lots of grey and pink,   I photographed it on the deck of my new “garden sitting room”  known here at the walled garden as the “Washery”, note the huge poppies that are bursting into life, a few of the many throughout the garden.