After a great day at the Sussex brocante I have been concentrating on preparations for the Festival of Quilts, NEC August 8th to 11th.
I have new bundles of lights, darks, flannels, and now some die cut 8.5″ squares in blues and yellow of worn and washed pieces, it’s been along process to get big enough pieces, but its done, and there are 9″ squares of flannel with a sample quilt made by Sonja Short to show them off.
wide shot small selection
The small quilts made using leftovers where possible have been completed. The quilts allow all the fabrics in the bundles to be viewed.
There is a new small quilt called Fiord available with an embroidered backing.
The Liberty range is  growing, I now have full width pieces in 2m packs, squares, bags of treasure, die cuts, sample books and pieces in two sizes, plus a small selection of silks, and linen. I will bring plenty of trimmings which are lovely to use as mini bunting, mini hexagons, coverings for coasters etc etc.
liberty book threadshoot
As we  (Annabelle and I ) had such fun at the Sussex Brocante we are going again! The next event is on Saturday the 18th August  we will take an extended range of vintage furnishings and children clothes, the quilting pieces and Liberty lawns.  It was very nice to see some of my customers there in June, so if you are in the south and can’t get to Birmingham, its at Wisborough, nr Billingshurst.
If you have specific request for either event please let me know and I will make sure it is available at either show.
Hope to see you all very soon!
 cardi sundi shoot20130728_112736 (2)