A little later than planned the December update is very full so at least you will have a good read!
The festival of quilts way back in September was the best ever for me, seeing so many friends and some nice compliments on the new ideas, the open layout of the stand very nearly worked,  I will make some changes for next time.
soft quilts web update
The soft quilts shown are still proving very popular, we made several at the
workshop in June, with new and experienced sewers enjoying the two days. I have a new batch of flannel bundles too, very soft colours,  blues, blues/pinks and vintage whites.
new flannel selection
Currently in the pipeline is a new range of “shirty” packs after a raid on the local hospice shop found me with 200 to wash and cut up. A trip out on “black Friday”, who knew the charity shops were seemingly untouched by panic buying and even though they no longer give free bags I found so much they kindly found me a bin liner to drag away the haul.
A four month project has finally come to fruition,  “textured tana” ©,  is now available in scarf and cushion packs, with lots more projects planned in the coming months.
best cusion scarf pic
Briefly;  I found something  at  a boot fair, a soft linen feel almost translucent very small cloth,  its on the back of one of my mini quilts, this led to an extensive search for something similar.  After several attempts I found a linen mix which when sewn directly to Liberty lawn and then washed produces a soft, textured effect, see cushion pic.
the packs are quick and easy to make up, consisting of 24 pieces of Liberty lawn, the linen backing and a gutterman variegated thread, I have also commissioned a silk thread which I used to hand sew the original scarf, but this is still in transit from India.
The Liberty library finishes this month, I hope you enjoyed adding some special fabric to your collections. If you are a member of the library you will get a full colour flyer showing “textured tana” © with your sample selection.
original hand sewn scarf
I will be at the Spring Knit and Stitch show at Olympia  March 12 – 15 and the very next week end at Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC March 19 – 22.
nec firsy day (2)
Until then please visit my facebook page for regular updates and I hope you have a very friendly and festive Christmas and New Year.