The year is dashing by,  the early summer shows were very enjoyable with ongoing mail order proving very satisfying: its great to be asked to make bundles inspired by your ideas.  In the last month I have made themed bundles remembering “London buses” and a huge orange/terracotta/yellow collection which started with a vague reference to “Halloween” and finished with texture and colour with a summer influence.
london buses special haolloween
I am planning some changes mainly to reflect all the Liberty designs I have, which are increasingly included in the “worn and washed” bundles, as well as having their own place at the shows.  I am thoroughly enjoying the creative process involved in using the sample pieces, there are now scarves, cushions, bags, ready to sew packs, and other projects in the pipeline.
new web pic
The festival of Quilts at the NEC is the next event, but I will be making another announcement in a couple of weeks, about a new venture, its currently just a box under the table….
For the NEC I have made a whole collection called “indigo ink”, a reflection of the very first worn and washed quilt with an assortment of complimentary packs of darker bundles and Liberty collections.
The new pictures here show the “London bus” collection, with a summer influenced Halloween commission  “indigo ink” and “sky blue pink.
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