kim porter

It is often said that when you can make your work your vocation then you have just about got a perfect life and this is certainly true for Kim. 
Kim started worn and washed fabrics after being inspired by both her love of patchwork quilts and seeing the beautiful prints and softness of pre-worn clothing and set about working out how to turn this lovely medium into patchwork. This was forged over 20 years ago and through the support of her many customers all over the world she has successfully turned worn and washed into a business that continues to grow, innovate and flourish today.
Kim enjoys especially the fun of bringing new ideas to the market many of them created by working with other creative like minded people and organisations who love the fabrics, the prints and the designs. 
worn and washed fabrics © supplies material for you to make a patchwork quilt with a softness and originality to call your own…
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